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የፖታስየም ክሎራይድ መርፌ


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አጠቃላይ ስም፡የፖታስየም ክሎራይድ መርፌ

ዝርዝር: 1g:10ml

የፈቃድ ቁጥር NMPA ቁጥር 20153283
የሕክምና ምልክቶች: 


Treatment of hypokalemia caused by various reasons, such as insufficient food intake, vomiting, severe diarrhea, the use of potassium excretion diuretics, hypokalemia family periodic paralysis, long-term use of glucocorticoid and hypertonic glucose supplement caused by hypokalemia, etc. 


To prevent hypokalemia, when patients with the presence of potassium loss, especially in the event of hypokalemia in patients with damage is large (such as using digitalis drugs patients), preventive supplement sylvite, such as eating little, severe or chronic diarrhea, long-term use of adrenal cortical hormone, potassium loss, kidney disease, Bartter syndrome, etc. 


Digitalis poisoning causes frequent, multi-source premature beats or tachyarrhythmias.  

ማሸግ: 5 amps/box

የማጠራቀሚያ ሁኔታ
የታሸገ ማከማቻ

የመደርደሪያ ሕይወት: 24months

ጥሩ ማሳሰቢያ: ሐኪምዎን ሳያማክሩ አይጠቀሙ.

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